Why every company should have a website

Even in 2015, not every company has a website! That is a fact. And at this point I use a broad definition of an undertaking. This naturally also includes service providers, including doctors, pharmacies and artists. This includes non-profit organizations. Here, a website is a matter of course nowadays.

A website for every company / organization today, regardless of size, is a necessity. Put a phone and fax? Excellent. A website has become just as natural. Without website your company may not come into the selection when buyers are looking for potential suppliers. And now you can assume that your competitors are always or frequently represented in the network always depending on the industry.

Advantages of using website

Your website is not only a status symbol but a nationwide figurehead of your company. A good website is at least one card (sometimes reaches the actual), but often much more. Your website can be your best seller.

Over 80% of Internet users search and find products and services on the Internet. Hardly a household or office today is not connected to the Internet. Thus, large parts of your audience certainly users of the Internet.

Inform on your website on the internet about your accomplishments. You show what you stand for, where your expertise lies and what sets you apart from others.

How to find new customers to you? Right, on recommendations. But also via the Internet. Or not. Not if you are either not represented or only having an average appearance. A website is an inexpensive way to allow the first contact and to reduce uncertainties.

Your website can be reached around the clock regardless of opening times. Use advertising drift and comprehensive information with the website to promote your services. They determine the appearance, define the statements of communication. You can clearly convey more information than this, for cost reasons is normally with classical advertising alone is possible. Brief explanations? Not needed. On the Internet you have the opportunity to present their achievements and comprehensively explain. A well maintained website is up to date. And customers call late-breaking information from within seconds.

A website contributes to customer loyalty, when information to be found quickly (e.g. telephone number of a doctor’s office). Having a good website is more professional and ‘state of the Art ‘. The entry in industry catalogs is not enough. Of course, a website has a completely different effect than if you are only with your address in any industry catalog.


In the end, a website especially when compared with other forms of advertising is cost cutter. Website is an agent within the overall strategy and must be integrated into this. Therefore, it is also useful to the homepage to develop not only from the technical point of view and look at. It does to the rest of the company, match the strategy and operational actions. Thus, an approach is useful, using a comprehensive way of thinking and also takes the point of view of your customers. They are established in the market? They stand for something? Then, the Internet is the opportunity to consolidate this.

Be International and inform multilingual. But only if this fits well with the company. Otherwise it makes no sense.

The Internet is not the medium of the future. But the medium of the present. If you do not have a website, do so after. Better now than later.

How and to what extent your business should be represented, is another question to be clarified individually. But you need a website is safe.

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