Top 5 Video Maker Apps For Your Android Phone

photograph-440393_960_720A 30 minute long video of your dog making funny faces while sleeping will obviously not be the next big thing on social media. What you really need are interesting patches of brilliant moments that are exclusive and unique. To do that you need something special. With brand new video maker and editing apps for Android phones, capturing and editing videos just got way easier! Listed below are five incredible video makers that will change the way you preserve memories:

  1. Magisto:

This video making and editing app is one of the most highly rated in the market today. This app can create slideshows of media files like pictures, soundtracks and images. The app has been designed while keeping the customer in mind and hence has an easy interface to use. Apart from these advantages, this app has other enviable features like automatic video stabilisation, filters, facial recognition effect and transition. This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free. It is a guaranteed success for the short filmmaker in you.


  1. AndroVid Video Editor:

This app is rated well because of the professional touch it adds to your video making abilities. The app lets you cut, trim, and add music at any point while making a video using this app on your Android phone. Adding to these benfits, this app also gives you the opportunity to remove any part of the video that you don’t need. Additionally, you can also add texts, frames and special effects to your videos if you wish to. The other features that this app includes are free conversion of any video to its mp3 version and slow motion of video clips. This app can also be downloaded from the Google play store for free.


  1. Video Maker Pro:

You could highly benefit from this professional video maker app available for your Android phone because of the ease of use it offers. You can now edit, trim and add media files to the video you are making. You can also choose to animate your movies even further with the help of its slideshow creator that given an added effect to each and every image that you use. Users highly recommend this app because of its functionality. Download from Google Play now to add these amazing features to your video.


  1. VidTrimPro:

This video maker app is available to Android users as well as to other platforms. It has the best rating so far because of the incredible features it offers and the easy to use interface design that anyone can benefit from. The other features that this app offer are trans coding of videos, frame grabbing as well as trimming. It is not a free app like the others mentioned earlier, but there is a trial version available that will help you to understand if you really need this app or not.


  1. Andromedia Video Editor:

This video app lets you create and edit video files in different formats. You can also create high deifinition videos in 320, 480 or 720 pixel. This app adds the benefit of some extra features like supporting other formats for example, MOV, WAV.

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